A Grand Celebration of Love:

Chavi & Vikrant’s Spectacular Indian Wedding

Once upon a time in the bustling city of New Delhi, India, two souls, Chavi Katyal and Vikrant Beri, were about to embark on their extraordinary journey of love and togetherness. As they prepared to celebrate their union, they entrusted their dreams to the capable hands of the renowned wedding planning company, “All About Weddings.”

The festivities commenced with a soul-stirring Bhajan Sandhya, held at the warmth of their home. Under the exquisite decor by Aura by Gautam Vedi, the melodies of Soulful Raga by Ankit Batra filled the air, captivating the hearts of the guests. Chavi, adorned in the elegant creations of Vasansi Jaipur, and Vikrant, dressed in the sophisticated ensemble designed by Shantanu Nikhil, radiated joy and love.

Next on the agenda was the vibrant Mehendi ceremony at the luxurious JW Marriott. The venue was transformed into a tapestry of colours and opulence by the talented decorators, Aura by Gautam Vedi. Rohit Bal’s artistic touch graced Vikrant’s attire, while Gazal Gupta designed an exquisite outfit for Chavi. As the guests mingled and celebrated, Ayushi M Gupta, a gifted Tarot card reader, added a touch of mystique and engagement to the event. The evening was made even more memorable with the performance by Sonali Bahuguna

The Sagan ceremony was a grand affair hosted at the luxurious Andaz Delhi, a Concept by Hyatt. The venue came alive with the enchanting decorations crafted by Aura by Gautam Vedi. Gaurav Gupta dressed Vikrant in a majestic attire, while Dolly J designed a resplendent outfit for Chavi. The occasion was made even more memorable with the gifting expertise of Izzhar Core Design, ensuring that each guest received a token of appreciation.

The Haldi ceremony took place at the JW Marriott, where the venue was adorned with vibrant hues and beautiful floral arrangements by Aura by Gautam Vedi. Chavi embraced the auspiciousness of the occasion in an enchanting outfit by Anantam, reflecting her radiant beauty and joy.

Finally, the much-awaited wedding day arrived, celebrated in grandeur at the magnificent JW Marriott in Aerocity, New Delhi. The venue was a sight to behold, transformed into a magical space by the meticulous planning and execution of “All About Weddings.” The renowned photographer, Vintage Films, captured each precious moment, ensuring that the memories would last a lifetime.

Chavi, the epitome of grace and elegance, donned a breathtaking ensemble by the legendary Sabyasachi. Her beauty was further enhanced by the skilled hands of SP Eastland, a renowned makeup artist. Vikrant looked every bit the dashing groom in his attire by Amaare. The ceremony was made even more memorable with a captivating performance by Bismil Ki Mehfil, mesmerizing the guests with their artistic flair.

Throughout each event, the Luxury destination wedding planner, “all about wedding,” played an integral role. From coordinating with the decorators, designers, and performers to managing the logistics and ensuring that every detail was executed flawlessly, they orchestrated a symphony of perfection. Their meticulous planning, attention to detail, and commitment to making the couple’s dreams come true ensured that each event was a resounding success.

As the wedding celebrations came to an end, Chavi and Vikrant embarked on their new journey together, bound by love and the memories of their unforgettable wedding. The role of the wedding planner had been invaluable, turning their visions into a reality and creating a magical experience that would be cherished forever.