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Wedding on the cards? Right

And you need someone to translate the most memorable day of your life into an exuberant affair.

This is the platform for you to rope in all your wedding related aspirations.

All about wedding, the best and the most trusted wedding planners of Delhi-NCR are at your service. We craft entertainment loaded weddings for our valuable clients

Be it your big fat wedding or destination nuptials, we facilitate an exclusive package for each unique couple out there.

It is time to hire us and enjoy our top notch wedding designing and planning services. We curate distinctive wedding themes and organizational templates for our elite clients.

We take care of your prestigious needs and commit to uphold your grand status and aura.

Let us celebrate your special day and brim it with limitless splendour and magnificence. We prioritize your exceptionality and promise to accomplish it with all our potential and resources.

We feature as the finest destination wedding planners in the country. Our expert team of wedding professionals furnish unparalleled wedding planning and designing services.

Choose us and let us add monumental and majestic flavours of extravagance to your wedding.


Reasons for you to choose us:

Seasoned and experienced Team

Our dedicated professionals realize your needs. We are well-trained to accomplish your extraordinary desires with our focused approach 

“You say it and we do it” is our motto while planning, preparing and executing big fat weddings in India. Ranging from superb decor to brilliant catering, each of our services is fabricated to fulfil your major and minor requirements.

Our creative team works day and night to make you smile and impress your relatives and guests.

Browse through our testimonials to know us better.


Professional Management and Monitoring Services

We completely understand how much a wedding alliance can churn you psychologically. Therefore, we pre-plan all wedding requirements before their actual implementation in order to avoid the last minute hustle.

This includes:

  • Pre-booking Luxury Venue & hotel rooms for your guests

  • Multiple requirements at the wedding venue

  • Coordinating with the decor team, choreographers, musical performers, caterers, mehendi artists and fixing prior appointments

  • Pre-booking of beauty service professionals for bride, groom and their families

  • Prior appointing of the wedding sage who will ritualize the wedding

  • Collating each & every details of your guests to ensure quick check-ins & comfortable pickup & drop

Thus, we take care of everything deep down till the end. All you need to do is enjoy the wedding and leave the rest to us.



You must be worried about the budget. If yes, we are here to diminish those worries. All about wedding pre-determines everything beforehand, including the wedding budget.

We, as the best wedding planning services in Delhi-NCR set realistic budgets for your wedding. In this, we work smartly over the different wedding necessities and customize each essential as per our pre-planned setting.

All we believe in is the quality of our services. And we ensure that your investment does not fall in wrong hands. Hire us for your wedding and experience a grand, luxurious and smartly invested wedding.


Trustworthy and Experienced Vendors

We commit to stand by all our promises and deliver the best and the finest quality of everything. You trust us and we maintain it through handing it over to trustworthy and experienced vendors.

We furnish you with genuine vendors comprising caterers, decorators, photographers, choreographers, entertainment performers, mehendi & makeup artists, unique invitations & return gifts etc. All our vendors are professionally certified and well-known names in the wedding planning industry.

Each of our vendors is seasoned in their field. Each one of them has an adequate experience to accelerate the grandeur of your wedding.

Go through our blog pages to know more about our weddings and our vendors.


Stress-Free Execution with Minute Detailing

Our team planning and management workforce facilitate and stress-free execution of your wedding ceremony. We professionally plan each aspect of the wedding and deliver you desirable outputs.

All about wedding has a sharp eye for minute detailing of each factor pertaining to your wedding. Right from your pre-wedding ceremonies to the actual pheras, we emphasize on every tiny requirement to make it successful.

Give us a chance to execute a grand and fabulous stress-free wedding for you. Let us combine your fervour for entertainment and our standards for detailing to organize a big fat wedding feast.


Impeccable Coordination

Wedding is not just about empty planning and raw execution. Constituting of multiple hierarchies of preparation and implement, one needs to coordinate at numerous levels.

All about wedding, the finest and experienced wedding planning company in Delhi is well aware of this fact. We coordinate each segment of your wedding with crispness and leave no room for error.

Our expert professionals coordinate with guests, vendors and others in order to render it a smooth affair. We ensure that each person involved in the wedding receives nothing less and is fully satisfied with our services.

Our objective is to deliver maximum quality satisfaction and we plan and execute everything in its pursuit.


We Understand You

An optimal tuning between family and wedding planners is extremely essential for a remarkable wedding. As an agglomerate of best wedding designers and planners, we understand you and work according to your tastes.

All about wedding undertakes an in-depth analysis of your individual needs. From food to decorations, music to mehendi, entertainment to budget, we deliver the finest as per your wishes.

For this, we take up time to time discussions about your needs and implement the same as per your demands.

We are well aware of the fact that your wedding is a macro epitome of your dream. All we do is to fulfil this dream to the best of our potential.

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