Top 10 Wedding Photographers in India

Weddings are beautiful and unforgettable events that bring families together in celebration. Capturing these moments perfectly is crucial, and this is where wedding photographers come in. Their expertise and creative vision turn wedding memories into timeless treasures. This blog highlights the top 10 wedding photographers in India, each known for their unique style and exceptional talent.

Why Do You  Need Wedding Photographers?

A wedding is a memorable life event of two people who promise to build their future together; the ceremony is very important, and the captured moments should be outstanding. Professional wedding photographers provide:

  • Quality and Expertise: They possess the skills and the necessary tools to make quality outputs in terms of images.
  • Creativity: Photographers play a large part in that aspect as they come with diverse ideas, and hence, every shoot is natural and lovely.
  • Reliability: They thus have what it takes to tackle diverse incidents, thus guaranteeing that critical moments are captured.
  • Memories: It is becoming a tradition nowadays. Photographs transform memories into reality so the couples can at least remember their special day.

List of Top 10 Wedding Photographers in India

In order to help you identify some of the best wedding photographers in India, here is a list of top 10 wedding photographers in India:

1. All About Weddings

All About Weddings can boast of its work and unique nonprofessional photography session style. They can portray all weddings with precision and so much energy in telling the story. This way, they guarantee each memorable moment to be captured by their team of photographers and make them a popular service among couples to hire.

2. Rajkumar Jeevaraj

Rajkumar Jeevaraj is a well-known wedding photographer who is distinguished by his unique vision. He merges two worlds, traditional and modern, while giving his portraits an aura of timelessness and sophistication. Since Paul is very gifted at capturing emotions, he is often in high demand, especially by couples.

3. Nitin Dangwal

The unique feature that has been found in Nitin Dangwal’s photography work is that it is romantic and is likely to be categorized under cinematography. He tries to work out impressive visuals to express a simple story about love and joy. Being a professional, Nitin pays close attention to detail, which means he makes sure to capture the most memorable moments of each wedding he covers.

4. Clyde Peter

Sometimes, people are more joyful and natural when they are not posing for a photograph. Clyde Peter is an author of the given style. With his casual and informal demeanor, people are comfortable posing for him, and that translates to sweet images. Clyde’s work is as enjoyable as it is formal, and there can be no better description of the man.

5. Sam Walzade

There is actually no introduction needed for the artwork done by Sam Walzade, as his photographic work revolves around Indian weddings. His artwork goes for colors and features that portray the cultural background and joy of the special day. Thus, it is for the reasons discussed above that Sam is a favorite for any couple who needs the services of a professional wedding photographer.

6. Abhimanyu Sharma

Abhimanyu Sharma’s work is done in the best combination of both traditional and modern forms. One thing that differentiates him is the keenness that he has to take shots that will encompass even the details and the raw expressions. Through his compassion for the art of storytelling with images, Abhimanyu makes every wedding album a masterpiece that he crafts.

7. Ankit Goel

Its signature lies in the modern style that Ankit Goel uses throughout his photography. He mostly focuses on natural and spontaneous shots alongside stunning profile pictures that mirror the essence of the wedding day. This makes Ankit have creative works and technical skills to make the results very beautiful.

8. Sanoj Kumar

Sanoj Kumar is a master when it comes to capturing the celebrations of a wedding, which is filled with so much energy. His shoot portrays simplicity with no over-editing or scripting, and every shot depicts the feeling of the celebration. Being friendly with couples and guests makes it easier for Sanoj to capture engaging and bright pictures.

9. Rahul Dsouza

With the growing trend of photography, Rahul D’souza has masterfully captured the perfect combination of art and execution. He is an incredibly talented videographer who is popular for making every wedding look like a real movie. These factors make Rahul one of the most sought-after photographers, as he can convey the beauty and feelings of that special day artistically.

10. Punit Desai

From the lenses of Punit Desai, one can define his kind of photography as sophisticated and classic. He targets to record real events and natural expressions that define a particular event, which in this case is the wedding. With his diligence, punctuality, and a keen eye for details, Punit captures the sweetest moments of every couple’s big day.


Among the top 10 wedding photographers in India listed, All About Weddings stands out for its vibrant and candid style, ensuring that every moment is captured beautifully. Their expertise and passion make them an excellent choice for couples looking to create a stunning wedding album.

Investing in a professional wedding photographer not only guarantees high-quality photos but also ensures that the magic of your wedding day is preserved for years to come.