Top 10 best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Delhi

wedding photoshoots. Having historical sites and attractions along with contemporary installations it provides great opportunities for backgrounds for photographs. When choosing a romantic place to capture before engagement, Delhi offers a lot, From the majestic Humayun’s tomb to the modern and colorful Lodhi art district.

List of top 10 shoot locations in Delhi

New Delhi, a city that combines ancient glory and contemporary sophistication, seems to have countless beautiful locations for the photography sessions before the wedding. These areas give beautiful shooting backgrounds that depict love and the possibility of a fresh start. Here are 10 best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Delhi :

1. Humayun’s Tomb

Humayun’s tomb was recently given the status of a UNESCO World Heritage site and is an architectural marvel. With features such as the Mughal architectural style, beautiful lawns, and a magnificent tomb, pre-wedding shoots are a specialty here. The carving work and the peaceful environment help give history and class to photo-shooting.

2. Lodhi Art District

For lovers who enjoy modern art, the Lodhi Art District is ideal. This is a literally unique museum that showcases only murals and other types of street art created by artists from different countries. The bright colors of the walls and nontraditional artwork make a playful and bright atmosphere for the pre-wedding photoshoot.

3. Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village caters to historic structures and the new generation typical coffee shops. The scenic location, historical architecture, and fashionable atmosphere are among the reasons why a lot of couples visit for Engagement photo sessions. By combining old and newest elements, there are many opportunities to create great backgrounds for photos.

4. The Rail Museum

The National Rail Museum, situated in the capital city of Delhi, is a rather untraditional and colorful place for a pre-wedding shoot. Comprising old-fashioned train models and railway relics, it provides a charming and playful environment. It’s perfect for couples who do not want to do what everyone else is doing to celebrate their special day.

5. India Gate

Tourists enjoy photography at India Gate, which is one of the landmark structures in Delhi. The imposing building, the large grounds, and the proximity to Rajpath give a stately background. It is recommended to take pictures here in the morning or late evening since the place is always crowded during midday.

6. Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Gardens is one of the picturesque locations that is located in the middle of the city of Delhi, and there are some structures of tombs in this place. It is usually quiet, with ancient looks that make it a perfect place to relax or even capture some remarkable scenes. It would be most suitable for couples who are inclined outdoors and interested in historical sites as well.

7. The Garden of Five Senses

This aesthetically designed modern garden represents ideas for how people can landscape their gardens to introduce and promote the five senses. Featuring areas such as sculptures and fountains and maintaining respective floral arrangements, it has many locations for a couples’ photoshoot. The natural feel of the garden is ideal for staging romantic scenes because of the ambiance created.

8. Qutub Minar

The Qutub Minar in Delhi, with a small main tower and historical remains, offers the best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Delhi. Details include beautifully carved patterns on the walls and floors and high, expansive ceilings resembling a confusing maze. It may be one of the most fascinating structures in Delhi, and goodness gracious, it uplifts any photography to another level.

9. Neemrana Fort

That is for the simple reason that while situated near Delhi, Neemrana Fort is a favorite among couples willing to travel a little further afield to capture even more stunning footage. The hotel, situated in Mughal architecture, will give you a royal environment, gorgeous gardens, and a glorious view of the ancient age of 15th-century heritage. The fort has a royal dating appeal and holds a rich history. Thus, it is perfect for capturing beautiful pre-wedding photographs.

10. Agrasen ki Baoli

Agrasen ki Baoli, located in New Delhi, India, is one of those infrastructures that are still hidden from most people. This stepwell, with the patterned steps and balanced arches, has a pretty, old-world charm that can make any scene look heroic. But if one is looking for this unique setting, the Baoli can hardly leave any bride or groom indifferent due to its picturesque and historical appearance.


India’s capital, Delhi, offers the best Pre-Wedding Shoot Locations in Delhi for all types of people with different preferences. It has numerous interesting places, including ancient buildings and beautiful masterpieces of modern artists; it offers countless opportunities to show the happiness and passion of two people who are going to join their lives.

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