Kick start your Wedding

We all have our dream wedding. But just the time when we actually decide to get married, we freak out for the smallest of details. Things like “what to wear”, “where will the venue be?”, “Will it suit everyone?” and a hundred more questions.

With full-time jobs and social commitments, you might already feel that you don’t have an additional time to plan anything.

All About Wedding is a platform where we will be handling all your problems and you can be rest assured that your wedding will be a never before experience. We endeavor to make your dream wedding come true. We will help you to make most of your wedding budget while keeping things stress-free and when your wedding day finally comes around, we will be there taking care of the venue and vendors, coordinating logistics, and ensuring that everything runs smoothly. We believe that a wedding becomes an unforgettable memory if the smallest details are taken care of in the best way. We take pride in managing every minute details of our client to make it a beautiful experience.

If any problem arises during the function, our experienced team will be there to handle it and you don’t have to worry about anything except enjoying your big day with your loved ones.

Guest Welcome

Atithi devo bhava – the guest is God. Welcoming the guest for a wedding has to have both charm and warm more enticingly. All About Wedding can offer you brilliant and beautiful ideas to greet your guests.

Venue Selection

Choosing a destination for the day that changes your destiny – is a big business to fit in your to-do list. It’s always better to rely on professionals for it. You outline your demands, we promise the quality supply!

Guest Accommodation

Your guests are our responsibility. We organize the blueprint of your wedding keeping every minute detail in mind. And taking care of guests’ needs, providing the best accommodation for them tops the list of priorities.

Customized Entertainment

Your wedding day and every fun moment of it should be the way you want it. Whether you want to ‘party all night’ or want to keep it simple – get your customized course of entertainment.

Favours & Giveaways

Wondering about delightful favours and giveaways on your wedding that will not only win the hearts of your guests but will also give the impression of your taste? Gift them the best token of memory that will always remind them of the best wedding day.

Menu Curation

Food and weddings share a bond so strong that deciding the menu can be one of the biggest tasks on your big day. But we can always brainstorm and bring out the best, it’s about the taste buds after all!

Decor Theme Designing

You are about to live the fairytale day in real on the big day. And you have all the right reasons to make it as beautiful as you want. Choose whatever theme you want and let us decorate that fairytale setting for you.

Invitation Designing

You can have your personalised taste when it comes to the design of the invitation. After all, it’s your wedding and you decide how you invite your guests. We are here to help if you want us to imagine the invitation with you!

Bridal Couture

Select the best design for your attire exactly according to your taste. It’s All About Wedding – all about your wedding – and weddings are so much more than one can ever imagine. Your bridal style of the statement can now be chosen from a wide range of options!

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