10 Best Wedding Destinations in India

India is a land of vibrant cultures, scenic landscapes, and rich traditions, making it a perfect place for destination weddings. Whether you dream of a royal palace wedding or a serene beach ceremony, India has it all. Here are the ten best wedding destinations in India that promise to make your special day truly memorable.

Why is a destination wedding a new urge in today’s generation?

Destination weddings have gained popularity in modern society because they are unique and memorable. So, couples want a mixture of adventure with love. They want their day to be unique. The possibility to shoot in beautiful locations like the beach or historic palaces gives that fairytale feeling.

In addition, destination weddings also entail the wedding thus saving costs. It provides the perfect opportunity for couples to entertain a few of their friends and family members in style. Such a tendency is due to the need for individual and outstanding events. Thus, the wedding day is unique.

Top 10 destinations for wedding in India

India is a place with a huge heritage and culture, and an Indian Wedding is a loop of tradition, culture, and a vibrant feeling of celebrations with devotion. Here are the top 10 Best Wedding Destinations in India:

1. Udaipur

Udaipur, the city of lakes, is considered one of the most gorgeous places to get married in India. Udaipur – the city of palaces, luxurious hotels, and beautiful lakes – will bring you a charming royal atmosphere. Some more fascinating places for marriages are the City Palace and the Lake Palace, where people can feel like kings and queens.

2. Jaipur

Jaipur, Best Wedding Destinations in India is popularly known as the Pink City due to the special color used for the general architecture of the city. Jaipur is also home to some splendid forts and palaces like the Rambagh Palace and Samode Palace that complement luxury with history. A wedding in Jaipur is more than just a fairytale; it is a masterpiece.

3. Goa

Still, if you want to marry at the beach, it has to be Goa. Ideal for a relaxed and romantic wedding, Goa boasts of beautiful beaches, the liveliness of the place, and fabulous beach resorts. Various destinations like The Leela and Taj Exotica can be suggested as the most suitable for a beach wedding.

4. Jodhpur

Jodhpur, known as Blue City, boasts of its majestic forts and stunning palaces. Some romantic destinations for a destination wedding in Rajasthan are the Umaid Bhawan Palace and Mehrangarh Fort. Each city or town boasts a vibrant culture and history that is somehow reflected in the way they enjoy the occasion.

5. Kerala

Kerala is one of the finest destinations for weddings because of its nature and beauty, and it is called ‘God’s own Country.’ Kerala presents itself with its backwaters, tropical greenery, and resort-cum-homestays kind of feel. Leela Kovalam and Kumarakom Lake Resort are among the preferred locations for conducting weddings.

6. Rishikesh

To have a spiritual and very calm wedding, the best place to go is Rishikesh. Situated on the banks of the River Ganga, Rishikesh presents a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere. Such places like Glasshouse on the Ganges offer a great and quiet background for weddings.

7. Agra

Agra, the city of love and the most famous monument, the Taj Mahal, makes it a perfect place for a wedding. Some of the historical monuments of the city include the city palace and the Taj Mahal and luxurious hotels such as the Oberoi Amarvilas. A wedding in Agra is indeed beautiful and antediluvian.

8. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands can, therefore, be recommended for unique and exotic wedding destinations. These islands are ideal for wedding occasions because of the sandy beaches, blue waters, and green foliage. Places such as the Havelock Island Beach Resort are perfect because they are beautiful and private.

9. Jaisalmer

Jaisalmer, also known as the ‘Golden City,’ is synonymous with golden sand and fabulous forts. Forts and palaces like Suryagarh and Fort Rajwada offer a royal and distinct feel to weddings in this city. The use of the desert as a backdrop to weddings gives the marriage events a magical feeling.

10. Shimla

Shimla is a beautiful place and is often referred to as the “Queen of Hills,” which makes it an ideal place for weddings. This is because Shimla has many beautiful buildings from the British colonial period and lovely weather and landscapes for a hill station wedding. Locations such as Wildflower Hall and Woodville Palace Hotel provide a picturesque setting.


India has vast selections of Best Wedding Destinations in India to offer, where every place is unique and beautiful in its own way. Be it a palace or a beach, something or the other is made for every couple out there. Getting married in one of these beautiful places can indeed turn your big day into a fairy tale.

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