This Extravagant Wedding Affair stole all Hearts…

The story of Vaibhav Jain and Naini Jain’s wedding is what we all dream about. Both the Jain families belong to influential business circles and they graced the wedlock of their dear progenies.

All about wedding, led by Ankur and Vibhanshu is one of the biggest wedding companies in Delhi. It planned, prepared and executed the lavish wedding of Vaibhav, son-owner of Lotus Textiles and Naini, who belongs to a family of financial experts based out of Delhi.

The families opted for Ritz by Ferns n Petals, Ambience Island, Gurgaon to ritualize this auspicious ceremony. Prior to this, other functions were arranged at the respective bungalows of the couple.

The wedding took place in the Laving Venue, one of the most expensive and luxuriant venues of Ferns n Petals. The family hosted an incredible guest list of over 1500+ attendees and offered them an entertainment treat of vibrant decor and exuberant visual fascinations.

Food, as expected, featured as a token of delightful remembrance with an eleven course meal led by Sandeep Jain and Ankit Jain’s catering services.

More to this extravaganza, Ankit Batra from Soulful Raga delivered a fabulous performance at the wedding. In fact, he furnished an illuminating touch to the musical pheras of the couple along with Bride & Groom Entries followed by Jaimala

Other attractive highlights of the wedding constitute wonderful and uncompromising entertainment feast, organized by all about wedding, the best wedding planners in Delhi. Besides, the remarkable choreography was the brainchild of Red Diamond, led by Shristi & Kabir.

Ali Aziz of Wedding Tulips videographed the entire wedding giving it a celebrity stylized touch.

Overall, it featured as a grand affair with top notch businessmen, politicians and other reputed personalities gracing this occasion.

Despite being crafted within a short span of time, all about wedding was, as usual, able to deliver its best performance.


We are extremely grateful to all about wedding, the top wedding planners in Delhi, for organizing a fantastic wedding for us. In spite of limited time, the company committed to deliver a flabbergasting wedding bash.

Each guest was extremely delighted and appreciated both the families for such a mind blowing preparation. Thanks a lot for making our wedding immemorial.