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Why Bangkok Should Be Your Ideal Wedding Destination

A wedding is special. It is the beginning of a new chapter in your life, and you have the full liberty to plan your wedding as extravagant as you want! A destination wedding enhances the experience of the big day – not only for you and your partner – but also for your families and guests. While destination weddings are already a buzz, let’s take your dream to another level – and plan an international destination wedding.
The first thing that might come to your mind is budget, then there are so many other factors that need to be taken care of, for example, air tickets, boarding, visa and of course the location. But “why should ‘celebrities’ have all the fun?” And yes, you too can plan a grand big wedding at an international destination without compromising your dream or going the extra mile with your budget.
As we are talking about international destination weddings, let’s shed some light on the locations that must be there on your checklist as you shuffle between different countries and spots. Thailand’s capital city Bangkok has been a prime tourist destination for Indians, especially for those who are keen on experiencing the scenic beauty of beaches with dashes of luxurious shopping experience and not to forget the happening nightlife!
Now let us get to the point of why should you consider Bangkok to tie your nuptial knots.

Budget, the first and foremost

The Indian Rupee and Thai Baht have a very minimal difference in value, meaning you can have your international destination wedding with a very cost-effective budget. Fortunately, there are so many wedding planners who have the expertise to curate your personalised wedding experience keeping it at par with your budget.

Did we mention the weather?

The tropical savanna climate of Bangkok has made it the topmost preferred tourist destination, meaning the weather is as pleasant as one can get. From arranging pool parties to outdoor events – the weather is never going to disappoint you.

Let’s talk logistics

Let’s be real. The average international air tickets are quite expensive. But when we are talking about Bangkok, it is not! It is not only close to India, it actually takes less time to reach Bangkok than many domestic flights take to port us from one end to another in India. And not to forget that Indian citizens are offered a Visa On Arrival (VOA) in Thailand.

Venues, Hospitality and the Picturesque views

Bangkok’s tourist industry has been flourishing for years, and the country offers unparalleled hospitality than many other locations. And if you’re a beach person, what could be a more enticing location than Bangkok where you would be able to look at the setting sun, while holding the hands of the love of your life, being surrounded by your family and loved ones and taking the oath to be with each other through ‘sickness and health’!
Now, as you already know the pros for planning your special day in this city, don’t forget that the beautiful beaches near Bangkok could be a wonderful treat for your family, friends and guests.

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