Anhad is a multi genre hindi/Sufi/Punjabi Rock band, inspired by the life of today’s youth. You can feel their hardwork and passion in their music.

Anhad : The band is based in Delhi, India.

Famous for their “multi-genre” attribute, Anhad plays Sufi, Rock, Bollywood Medleys, Vintage songs from the 80’s and anything that sounds good. And if it doesn’t, they make it sound good.

The Band consists of both Male and Female Vocalists, a lead guitarist, a percussionist, pianist and a Drummer.

Starting as a college band back in 2013, Anhad has since performed in various cities across India including NCR, Agra, Mumbai,Jaipur,Haryana,Hyderabad etc.

Putting their heart where their will is, this band has got an excellent hand in superb onstage coordination.

Their musical education ranges from Delhi School of Music, Trinity (London) and Indian classical from the Music Faculty of Delhi.

A Multigenre (Hindi,Sufi,Popular Rock) band from New Delhi which was formed in December 2013. Anhad plays pan India and is quite famous for their pop music

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