Badminton Star Jwala Gutta Gets Engaged To Actor Vishnu Vishal

Coupling Badminton with Kollywood….A Match to Inspire From

Wedding bells are soon to ring for badminton player Jwala Gutta. The sportsstar got engaged to South Indian actor Vishnu Vishal. The actor-boyfriend landed in Hyderabad to surprise his lady love with an engagement proposal and made her 37th birthday immemorable.  

Vishal took on his twitter handle to post the best birthday wishes for her soulmate. He shared impeccable snapshots of their recent pics with Gutta wearing a special engagement band.

This amazing announcement stormed the social media with tweets from fans and friends all round the corners.


Jwala Gutta Gets Engaged To Vishnu Vishal


The couple have been dating each other for quite a while. In fact, their social media handles always brimmed with gorgeous pictures and videos of their love bond.

And their love has no bounds post making an official announcement of their engagement. Their benefactors and fans look forward to getting them hitched pretty soon.

However, the families are yet to decide on the nutiplal essentials such as date, venue and functions. As per sources, the couple plans to tie the knot after the descending impact of COVID-19 pandemic.

Besides, their relation evidences that love fructifies with a second chance. This is beacuse Vishal was earlier hitched with Rajini Natraj and has been co-parenting a son, Aryan. The couple got divorced in 2018.


Jwala Gutta Gets Engaged To Vishnu Vishal


On the other hand, Gutta took an official separation from her previous beau Chetan Anand in 2011.

We hope that this new alliance showers limitess bliss on these two love birds planning to begin their life afresh.

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