No More Waiting for an Auspicious Date to get hitched


Is wedding on your cards? Or does the dilemma of a pious wedding date churns you up and down?


If yes, overcome your conundrum with a basic understanding that, you can marry all around the year. Or else put it, all wedding dates are auspicious and you don’t need a special ‘muharat’ to get married.


The key reason for this is the bond of love and affinity between two partners. After all, your wedding day cherishes the most wonderful and magical memories of your life. It is a dream come true when you stand, hand in hand, with your soul mate.

Then why wait for a specific date to get married?

It is time to realise the fact that a wedding date does not make or break a marriage. It is the affection which you both share amongst yourselves is what matters the most.

However, this does not mean that wedding dates are a scam which deviates you from getting close to your beloved.


Seeking advisory on best wedding dates have been an ancient practice. Families of both the bride and the groom would sit together and hold a profound discussion. Besides, they consult an experienced pundit for a pious wedding date to marry off their progeny.

In short, deciding upon an auspicious date bears a traditional and a ritualistic connotation for our elders.

Yet, marrying on the date of your choice does not mean disrespecting their culture or beliefs.


It simply connotes marrying within your comfort zone, be it a date or a person, and making your marriage long lasting. Therefore, your marital bliss depends upon your endeavours to make your marriage a success and not any specific wedding ‘muharat.’

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