Goa & Kerala | Best Beach Destination Wedding in India

While talking about destination wedding the first destination that comes to our mind is any place having a quite clean beach. There is something soothing about blue waters and what can provide a more serene place then a beach itself. Getting married or vows renewal, kissing your wife after saying “I do” while the sun is sparkling and the water is flowing; it’s going to get etched into your memories for a really long time.

Why beach weddings are in trend?

This destination comes with the theme in itself. There are tons of options from the dress to the food, from the cake to the decorations, from the vow scrolls to the ring boxes. Beach weddings are the good option to spend some quality time with your loved ones. People prefer this kind of wedding as they are kind of light weight and simple yet romantic celebration.


Beach Wedding


Standing down on the shore with the wooden doorway having georgette curtains flowing here & there is a beautiful site. A band playing soft wedding melodies as the bride arrive through the aisle with her hand tucked down with her father’s elbow and the happiness on the face of the groom is the priceless sight to watch. It would be a nice idea to get your friend ordained and allow him to perform the ceremony rather than getting a formal priest to do the one. A friend performing the ceremony is altogether a different level of personal touch.


Beach Wedding


Preparing a shell shaped cake and serving the buffet of complete seafood will be a Christmas for the foodies attending the wedding. Photography will be a fun thing to do, natural locations with beautiful sunsets and waves. This is going to enhance the photographs of already beautiful looking couple.


Beach Wedding


If you are planning to get something simple yet romantic, gift your partner a beach wedding. The concept is so good yet so economical that it’s really thoughtful to get the one.


Beach Wedding


Goa & Kerala is blessed with so many beautiful and serene beaches; the calmness and turquoise-emerald water simply elevate the charm of the destination wedding. As we all know, Goa & Kerala tops the list of beach wedding venues in India but there are other unexplored beaches where you can get married. Get in touch with our expert team to learn more about it.

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