Top 10 Makeup Artist in Delhi-NCR

Everyone in their lifetime do pass through the stage of the wedding and the organizing of one, be it the bride and the groom themselves or the parents or the relatives and friends.It marks in everyone’s life a changing experience. One gets to know how things are organized and how it works. The pre wedding plans, the invites, the rituals and the customs, the arrangements, the venue and the destinations, the decorations and the other wedding arrangements are to be kept in mind and done while one is a part of it. With the same perspective, the ladies are busy with organizing and managing the makeup artist that they will have for the bride. Certain things are kept in mind.


Simple or jazzy?

The first thing that you need to check into is to what kind of makeup you wish to have. Depending upon the skin tone and the skin texture, the effect of the makeup over the skin and the suitability of one’s skin, the makeup and the style is being preferred and chosen. The simple makeup just consists of the basic bridal makeup and a little of touch up here and there. Whereas in the case of the jazzy one, the basic makeup plus the glitter is being added and which adds to the beauty of it.

Makeup according to the customs and religion

Every religions and every custom has various requirements in the makeup and the way that they get ready is different. The Hindus have a different style of makeup, while the Muslims have different, the South Indian get ready in a different manner than the Bengalis. And this is how the makeup artist also makes a difference. If the artist doesn’t know as to how one has to get ready and the customs and requirements, it doesn’t make sense getting ready with one.

For your convenience, we suggest you top 10 Makeup artist in Delhi NCR

  • Parul Garg Makeup artist
  • Kanika Tandon makeup artist
  • Aanchal Kumar makeup artist
  • Makeover by Heena
  • Elegance by Pooja
  • Sheetal Makeup Artist
  • Sashi Mallik makeup artist
  • Shalu chandla makeup artist
  • Shalini Singh makep artist
  • Michelle Montes makeup artist

Meeting the finances

Bridal makeup is never that cheap or easily being available according to our requirements. The Bridal makeup requires a lot of time, effort, makeup and other ornaments and the beauty picks. Every little detail is being kept in consideration and also that it suits under the budget that one has. There are various bridal makeup packages and one can choose which suits their compatibility and finance. There are certain pre-bridal packages as well, wherein the other salon facilities like haircut and body spa, manicure and pedicure, skin treatment and therapies are being provided.


All of us have this feeling that we will get ourselves ready at some particular salon during our weddings, simply because of the fame and the popularity that it carries or because of the praises that we have heard about them. The famous stylists are on top of the list and that we dream of getting out of their salons.

At times, it does become difficult to match all the factors and meet one single conclusion and therefore, we are always open to various options and end up having the most suitable make up stylist.


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