Featuring – Pooja & Misha

Having the penchant for makeup, both Pooja & Misha have an eye for colour, co-ordination, fashion and makeup. Bring it all together and you are looking at a riot! While Pooja studied Fashion Design Technology at the London College of Fashion first and later took up makeup artistry, Misha was educated in London and has hands on experience with international makeup brands like MAKE-UP STUDIO. She likes to travel and learn culture and takes inspirations from her journeys while creating makeup looks. They work with brides, magazine photo-shoots, celebrities and fashion designers like Pam Khurana. Celebrities like Lauren Gotlieb, Marcela Cura swear by them.

Their brides usually leave satisfied and never have we read any sob stories. Well- Mannered and spoken both these women handle brizella’s delicately. You are welcomed upon your pre-meet consultation with some tea and their polite voice. Upon meeting them and discussing bridal looks you are reassured that you are in good hands. If you have any concerns about colours that won’t look good on you or any brand of makeup that you are allergic to, they sure give it a ear and design a cautious approach for you, unlike many other make-up artists who insist on their tried and tested brands/looks. Usually, they would use airbrush make up but that comes with an additional cost but rarely have we seen anything that they use which doesn’t deliver. Stocked well on eye-pallettes, liners, lip colour, anything you have on your lehenga and they would have that colour/accessory to match with.

Ladies if you are looking for professional artists we suggest you head to them. They go to lengths to make you feel like a million bucks and smiling on your best day, whether it be mehandi, cocktail, wedding or reception. Also, they travel to destination weddings as well. You can thank us later !

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